Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 3 - Heart

So as I was taking down the Christmas decorations I found this heart made from glittery, pretty wire.  It's something my half loves to do, and I know with his OCD tendencies he would have spent a long while getting it into the right shape.  I shot it on the cat's climbing frame rather than the Christmas tree, because in all fairness I couldn't get the heart to stand out.  Anyways I love me cat so it includes something that she loves to do....

January 2nd - New

I don't enjoy gardening for all the weeds, the stiff joints and dirty nails.  I do enjoy gardening for the fruit, the veges and the flowers.  As I stepped out my front door today I noticed that the roses on this bush were just starting to bloom.  Out came the camera (a quick flick to the flower setting) and voila, new rose captured.  There is something about roses that mesmerize me.  It's the romance of the rose that has held out for a long time.  It's the thorns that protect the beauty.  It's the cone-like shape of the new bud....they are my favourite flower.  That's it, off to the rose gardens for more photos of roses....

January 1st - Today

It's not the most creative photo in the world but it speaks volumes.  I love new stationary (it makes going back to school so much easier after the long summer holidays!) and I always love to get my diary as early on and write birthdays and significant other dates in before I forget.  I love the freshness of the diary, knowing that by the time I get to June it's going to be choca-block full of notes, ideas and lists....It's the not knowing what's going to happen between this date and the 31st of December - full of expectations and resolutions....

Here's another photo I took today.  I was sitting at the beach and it caught my eye (this is when I try to get all artistic like).....

Photo a Day Challenge

It's my goal to justify spending money on a SLR camera at the end of 2013, and what better way to do this than doing a Photo a Day Challenge.  This month I am doing FatMumSlim's challenge....who knows what one I will do next month.
Why do I want to do this?
Other the obvious one that I stated at the start, I need to find a better work-life balance which to be fair is work from 7 til 5 get home blob infront of the tele....not that exciting.  I want to work out what I am passionate about, what I can get creative about, how can I get out and about....even meet new people.
The photos I take aren't grand and spectacular, hell I don't even know if they are even good.  But I like them, something in them inspired me and I want to use that everyday....enjoy my photos!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Talk Nerdy to Me

It's been awhile since I have blogged and I will be trying to bring my old blog over here but as I am trying to sort everything out on a limited time frame please be patient.

Yesterday I attended #EduCampAKL for the second year in a row. What I like about the educamp format is that anyone can be a learner and anyone can be a facilitator of the learning. It doesn't mean I have to be an expert at what I am sharing with others, but that I am sharing.

There were three things I have taken from my five hours of learning that I want to explore further and use in the classroom environment.

1. NIE online It's been awhile since I have used any of the NIE resources so imagine my surprise when a whole new world was opened up for me on their website. Now in Learning Zone 9 our news book is a big part of our of literacy programme (heaven forbid if we miss a day!) so I am excited about the opportunities the website holds for my students. In particular the tool entitled "Nikki's News Diary". Here current news stories are posted in kids speak and children are invited to answer comprehension questions and then respond in sort to the article. What a wonderful way to re-inforce the learning we have been doing and another excellent literacy taskboard idea. I am hoping to share this with my students this week and will report on the "engagement" levels of the site once the novelty value has subsided.

2. Zondle @RachelBoyd presented this during the Smackdown (two mins to present on anything only rule being that someone else is driving the computer) part of the educamp. A great website that allows you to use and/or create your own interactive games for your classroom based on the learning needs of your students. Talk about personalised learning. I have had a small look around and played a little bit but need some time to sit down and work out some games that will be beneficial for my students. In terms of a goal to having this working in my Learning Zone.....aiming for week 5 of this term.

3. Google+. I'd heard of it, tried to get an invite but will still locked out of this "mythical" place. Well educamp changed that (thanks @fionagrant!). So now I have my facebook, twitter and Google+ accounts. This leads to my question of how to manage my online networks. Facebook purely and simply for me is my hangout. My friends and family are there. My holiday snapshots of my nephew and nieces are there. I can be-moan it being only Tuesday - at least one of my friends cares enough to send me a hug. So that leaves my twitter and google+ accounts.
What I love about my twitter account is the serendipitous-ness of it. I can be clicking on links from my fellow educators and PLN and find information, resources, new connections that I never may have come across in the vastness of the web. I've done quadblogging, postcarding, connecting all through a random click on my mouse. Mys kids have loved the acitivities I have found and I look like a bloody genius when someone asks for a new relevant resource at school. It's not about what I had for breakfast, its about getting to connect in 140 characters to people I have never met f2f. So where does that leave Google+??
Talking at educamp, I have decided to use it as my PLN site. I can add people to my circle, leave more indepth thought than the 140 characters might otherwise not let me and hopefully lead to some more thinking and therefore more rambling on my behalf.

So Educamp has been a successful experience in my learning journey yet again. I have taken away resources, contacts that will make me a better teacher and that has to have a positive impact on my kids???